Digital Matter is an innovative award winning Australian technology company that designs and develops embedded electronic devices and solutions, and the software platforms required to manage and report asset activities and events.

Digital Matter was founded in 2001 and our team today has over 20 engineers and software developers alone operating in Australia, USA, South Africa and New Zealand.  Head office and IP is centred in Perth, Western Australia.   Our products are manufactured in South Africa for affordable quality, performance and reliability.   Digital Matter continues to invest in the tools, skills and experience of our staff across all of our operations.

Over the last 16 years, Digital Matter has designed and commercialised products ranging from customer feedback devices to vehicle fleet management, IoT telematics solutions in Agtech and Smart City solutions. Our skilled team of engineers and developers are able to take a product idea or specification and to manage this through the process of concepts, electronics design, PCB design and layout, industrial design of housings and cases, firmware development, communications protocols, software development and mass production of the product.  We refer to this as “owning the whole IP stack”.

Digital Matter continues to invest heavily in Research and Development and as a result has built up a large library of technical “building blocks”. This allows us to rapidly develop new products and respond in an agile manner to new customer requirements.

Digital Matter will also engage with partners to design and develop custom new products and platforms on a shared risk model where appropriate.

Digital Matter offers devices to reseller partners who integrate to their platforms, as well as a white label “business in a box” solution for smaller tracking start-ups.  Digital Matter has reseller partners in over 50 countries around the world.

Digital Matter technology is being used in over 500,000 devices in North America alone, with one particular OEM client having nearly 100,000 devices in their fleet of delivery vehicles. This device includes GPS, communications and interfacing with the on-board vehicle computer systems to extract valuable engine management data.

Digital Matter is now focusing on IoT platforms such as CatM, NBIoT, Sigfox and LoRa, as well as battery-powered asset trackers and BT / RF asset management solutions over and above our core business of GPS tracking.

Digital Matter is recognised globally for top tier innovative connected devices designed to out-perform with an affordable value proposition.

Like any good solution to a difficult problem, it is the sum of all the parts, not any one part, that differentiates it as the ideal.  So, we spend more time, more resources, and more energy designing and engineering each and every part to ensure our solutions deliver, but not just for today, that they continue to deliver into the future.

We would like to share the 6 most powerful characteristics that differentiate our solutions.

  1. Our extensive range of innovative devices
  2. Our fully integrated device management and tracking software
  3. Tested and proven solutions for every application and industry sector
  4. Our own hardware and software development team
  5. Quality certain and reliability assured means less support effort
  6. Our range facilitates access to new market sectors and competitive margins

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